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A Therapeutic Journey Towards Self-Awareness and Empowerment

Welcome to Psychotherapy Central in Limassol

Providing Compassionate and Effective Psychotherapy Services

At Psychotherapy Central, I understand the importance of having a safe and supportive space to explore your inner world and work through life’s challenges. I am dedicated to providing compassionate and effective psychotherapy services tailored to meet your unique needs.

I offer various therapeutic approaches to address various concerns including addiction, anxiety, depression, relationships, psychosexual therapy, abuse victims, eating disorders, isolation and loneliness, grief, bereavement, and loss.

My aim is to help you gain self-awareness, develop new coping strategies, and ultimately find greater fulfillment and meaning in your life. I believe in the power of the therapeutic relationship and strive to create a warm and non-judgmental environment where you can feel heard, understood, and supported.

If you’re ready to take the first step towards healing, growth and transformation, I invite you to contact me today to schedule a consultation at our therapy center or online. I look forward to supporting you on your journey towards greater well-being.

Addiction - Young woman addicted to cigarettes and smartphone


Many of us can become engaged in activities or use substances without any significant difficulties in our lives. However, some of us may reach a point where we experience a lack of control over what we are taking, doing or using.

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Anxiety and Depression - Young woman in uniform lying in bed displaying Anxiety and Depression

Anxiety and Depression

Most people experience feelings of depression or anxiety at least once during the course of their lifetime. This experience can be short-lived or can become a chronic situation and interfere with normal, everyday functioning.

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Relationships - A group of young friends

Couples Therapy

Deurzen and Adams (2011), state that human beings are relational. In other words, no individual can exist separately from their relationships. The need to belong, to love, and to be appreciated and valued in return, is the foundation of all relationships.

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Young woman with an eating disorder

Eating Disorders

Eating disorders can be understood as an addiction process addiction whereby the person is “caught in a compulsive pattern that seeks to establish self-worth in the face of worthlessness” (Firman & Gila 1997).

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Psychotherapy and Counselling

Unlocking the Potential for Personal Growth and Emotional Healing

Psychotherapy and counselling is a therapeutic process that thrives from within the therapeutic relationship of the therapist and client.  It helps the client in gaining self-awareness and a greater sense of themselves.  This enables the client to make greater informed choices, to take responsibility, to create or recreate meaning in their life, to accept their limitations of existence and to accept themselves and others without judgment, but with empathy and compassion.

This can be a difficult journey at times for oneself, since the path is not always smooth but often rocky and frustrating but nevertheless also quite rewarding: just like life.  Thus, it is a path worth taking as well as a life deeply enriching experience.

Psychosexual Therapy - A young sexually active couple

Psychosexual Therapy

Many of us suffer from difficult and complex issues that are sexual in nature.  Sexual issues may vary in complexity and temporality and are often linked to wide range of experiences. 

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Victims of Abuse - A beaten young woman with a black eye holding her face

Victims of Abuse

If you were or continue to be sexually abused, raped, or a victim of incest, it is important for you to know that psychotherapy is a healing process which can help you overcome the problems arising from such an abuse or assault.

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Isolation and Loneliness - Lonely young woman looking out of the window

Isolation and Loneliness

We all know that loneliness is an oppressive and uncomfortable state of being. You’ve been there, just like everybody else. We usually tend to think of loneliness as a lack of human connection, but in an existential sense, it runs much deeper than that…

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Grief, Bereavement and Loss - Man sitting in couch holding his face in his hands in grief

Grief, Bereavement and Loss

It is important to understand the differences between “grief/grieving” and “bereavement”.  Grief is our experience following a loss of any kind, whereas bereavement is a specific type of grief related to someone’s death.

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As a registered member of BACP (397067) and a voting member of FETE, I have been providing confidential counselling and psychotherapy services to individuals aged 14 and older for over a decade. My MSc in Existential Counselling and Psychotherapy from the New School of Existential Psychotherapy and Counselling (NSPC) in 2014 has equipped me with a strong foundation in Humanistic, Existential, and Phenomenological approaches, which allows me to tailor my approach to meet the specific needs of each client.

About Iro Michael

I am Iro Michael, a Cypriot psychotherapist holding a BSc in Psychology from Kent University. Growing up in the Middle East and being exposed to diverse cultures, I developed a deep curiosity for human nature. This interest led me to study Existential philosophy, which I now apply to my psychotherapy practice. My journey into the inner world of people has been both challenging and rewarding, leading to my ongoing self-discovery. Join me on this journey toward greater self-awareness and acceptance.

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LGBTQ Counseling

Welcome to LGBTQ counseling and therapy services in Limassol, where I, provide a safe and inclusive space for individuals and couples to explore their emotions ind self-acceptance, and navigate the unique challenges faced by the LGBTQ community.

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Anger Management

Anger is a natural and instinctive response that occurs when we perceive a threat or feel mistreated. These threats can take various forms, extending beyond physical harm to encompass financial difficulties like job loss. Additionally, feelings of jealousy, guilt, and embarrassment can also contribute to the experience of anger.

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