Psychosexual Therapy

There is always some madness in love. But there is also always some reason in madness.

Friedrich Neitzsche

Many of us suffer from difficult and complex issues that are sexual in nature.  Sexual issues may vary in complexity and temporality and are often linked to wide range of experiences.  Some of us have been living with our sexual issues for years and we are often too ashamed or embarrassed to discuss them with anyone – not even our partners.  This can have a negative impact on our sex life, our relationships and our well-being.  My aim as a therapist is to help individuals deal with those issues and to overcome them. I can give you space, as a trusted and supportive therapist, to talk and resolve a range of sexual problems.  Sessions do not involve any tests, examinations or any sexual acts.  During our therapy sessions you will be encouraged to talk about your sexual feelings, concerns, internal conflicts, relationships and sexual experiences. Psychosexual therapy empowers you to deal with your sexual troubles in a healthy manner. Consequently, you will be able to understand the nature of your sexuality, to communicate your sexual needs and wants to your partner, and to broaden your choices of sensual and sexual expression.

Some of the issues that I will be able to help with include

Sexual Identity and Sexual Orientation

Each of us has a biological sex whether we are male, female or intersex.  Our sexual orientation is the description of whether we feel sexual desire towards people of the same gender, the other gender or both genders.  All of us have a gender and gender identity.  Our gender identity is defined by our deepest feelings about our gender and the manner we express ourselves, whether we act feminine, masculine, both or neither.  If our biological sex and our gender identity do not match up we are transgender.  Moreover, each of us has a sexual orientation.  We may be gay, bisexual, lesbian, straight or unsure about our sexual orientation altogether.  The more we understand our gender identity and sexual orientation the more we may understand ourselves and how to relate to other people.  Since sex and gender are so complex, you may wonder about your own or others gender identity and sexual orientation. Depending on which society and culture we live in, many prejudices and phobias may have developed surrounding this subject, including homophobia, sexism and trans-phobia.  Psychotherapy can help you in this process of exploration or your sexuality which in turn will aid you in your process of finding, accepting and loving your genuine self.    Through this process I will facilitate your growth by helping you find the courage to be able to express yourself in healthier way, without any self-destructive emotions.  Such emotions include guilt, anxiety, fear, dread and so on, hinder your life’s potential and prevent you from living an authentic fulfilling existence.

If you are suffering or struggling with your sexual orientation or gender identity, therapy can be a bewildering experience.  Most of us who question our sexuality and gender identity, have been misunderstood, isolated, discriminated or even experienced some form of abuse from our partners, family members or the society we live in.  Psychotherapy gives you the opportunity to share and explore your emotional pain, allowing you to feel heard and seen in your true identity.  My aim is to empower and assist you in your struggle to make life changing decisions for a better healthier future by supporting you in your journey of self-exploration and self-awareness.

Some of you may choose to go through a process of gender transition.  Together we can discuss the challenges, questions, pitfalls, and requirements you are likely to face in this process.  Additionally, we will discuss how you feel your decisions will affect your relationships with your loved ones and the people around you, the impact of this at your workplace and other professional issues you may be faced with, and your options on how to deal with these issues.   Through therapy I can help you develop your social skills and become comfortable with your new gender identity and expression. 

Psychotherapy for a trans-individual can be a helpful and joyful experience.  Although there is much pain to endure during this process of exploring your gender identity, there is also much opportunity for development, growth, enduring relationships and personal fulfilment.