Iro Michael

Overcoming Eating Disorders

Discovering True Freedom and Finding Wholeness

Overcome your eating disorder with my comprehensive therapy program that offers a safe and supportive space to explore your emotions, thoughts, and behaviors.

Understanding the Search for Wholeness

Exploring the Root Cause of Eating Disorders

At the heart of every eating disorder lies a deep-seated craving for something that remains elusive. If you are struggling with food addiction, you may feel an insatiable need to fill a void, to numb your pain, and to find love and acceptance. Unfortunately, we often seek these things in all the wrong places, such as in the perfect body, through distorted messages in the media, or by punishing ourselves through restrictive eating patterns. But what we really crave for, is spiritual awakening and a deeper understanding of our true identity, neither of which can be satisfied or discovered on the physical level. By exploring the root cause of your eating disorder, you can learn to reclaim your life energy, break free from the grip of your struggle, and find true wholeness.

The Paradox of Control

Understanding the Role of Control in Eating Disorders

Many individuals with eating disorders, such as anorexia, have a desperate need for control in their life. However, this is not the same as being a “control freak” but rather an existential need to manage their anxiety about their life. The eating disorder may provide a false sense of control, offering relief from anxiety, numbing of pain, companionship, a new and seemingly better identity, and a sense of fulfillment and safety. Paradoxically, the eating disorder becomes out of control and manipulates the individual’s relationship with food, leading to a lack of awareness of their real limits or responsibility. Therapy can help you understand and navigate this paradox, providing a safe and supportive container to explore the symbolism and significance of the eating disorder in your life.

The Importance of Finding True Freedom

Embracing Limitations and Discovering Authenticity

For many of us, the concept of freedom may be shapeless and uncontrolled, leading to fear and anxiety. The eating disorder may promise a false sense of form and safety but ultimately fails to deliver authentic freedom. In reality, true freedom involves embracing our limitations and understanding our true identity. Therapy can provide a safe and nurturing space for you to explore your limitations and gain insight into your true sense of self. By working with a therapist, you can break free from the grip of your eating disorder and discover your authentic identity, finding true freedom and wholeness.